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This photo gives you a rough idea of what the window wall looked like after about 35 years. In 1982 it had dry rot, single plate glass energy problems, leakage in heavy rains, and a general right to retire. This is a long time for a southern exposure. You can see the gobs of caulk which had been applied to the double doors to get rid of winter drafts by the dining room table.

It was really exciting watching the floor go back together. The idea that we could fill the pool without flooding the house ( no joke ) and have reasonable electric distribution was just great. This shot was as the base was being prepared for the new radiant floor. They have just finished placing the pool feeds and returns under the base. We are now ready for the vapor barrier, insulation, electrical, and the rest needed for the new radiant floor.

This stage has the electrical going in but the core under layers in place.

One of the key aspects of the new floor was that we were going to float the water coils inside of the concrete. This would allow the insulated layer underneath to allow all of the heat to rise up into the house. We reduced the floor temperature from 180 - 190 degrees to 130 - 140 degrees. This makes a large energy savings. The water in the pipes was going to center the pipes in the drying concrete. We were definitely going to avoid the air between the heat and the concrete no matter how it turned out.

I was so excited about having this pool be actually usable and relatively easy to clean compared to the old fish/plant pool. Talk about last minute rushes. We were 2 days before the concrete was scheduled to be poured and we still had no returns and jets to attach to the pool plumbing. Worse, I think it was the Saturday of Labor day weekend. Here I was trying to find the fixtures for a last minute install. Somehow I found someone where they had them and was in the business. This person actually sent them out just in the nick of time...... This was one of many things that had to happen just right for this project to work. This was one of my research tasks which worked. We had just enough plumbing to well circulate the water. It never got frothy. Unfortunately, we were to have substantial problems later with this new pool.

You can see clearly the old large pipes that made a single loop through the radiant floor by sitting under it and being real hot. The new floor enabled temperatures of 130 degrees, 60 degrees cooler than the old system.

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